Important Things You Should Keep in Mind About Used Pallets

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Before mentioning some important aspects about used pallets, it is equally significant to note that pallets can either be made from wood, plastic or metal. Pallets are mainly used in the shipping industry to move commodities from one location to another. They offer a flat surface to keep the goods stable during transit and a means to lift and place the goods easily.

Choosing between plastic, wooden or metal depends on their ability to support a load and the environmental conditions. Wood pallets can be used for lighter loads that will not be subjected to moisture at any point. Moisture damages wood and causes it to rot. Plastic is also used for lighter loads that may come in contact with moisture or require hygiene. Metal pallets are used for extremely heavy loads.

Used Wood Pallets

When looking at the main use of wooden pallets, which is in the shipping industry, you might find that wooden pallets are not recycled by most shipping companies because they are cheap. Instead, you'll find various companies selling the used pallets for other residential or commercial uses like firewood, landscaping supplies, shoe organisers, bookshelves, etc. Your creativity is needed because so much can be accomplished with used pallets.

In the shipping industry, wooden pallets should be reused to preserve the environment -- avoiding the cutting of many trees -- and also further lower the cheap price that new wooden pallets cost. However, a competent employee should be appointed to inspect the used wooden pallets and ensure they can still carry out their function effectively and safely.

Used Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets have a long shelf life and can be reused over and over again. When compared to wooden pallets, they are reused by most shipping industries. Additionally, they can be used to store goods in a warehouse or store because even if moisture was present, they would not get damaged.

Used plastic pallets can have the same residential and commercial second-hand uses as wooden pallets. Again, all you have to do is use your creativity.

Used Metal Pallets

These are the most recycled in the shipping industry. They are extremely durable because they are made strong enough to withstand the weight of heavy equipment.

Unless you have heavy machinery you want to place on top of them or have unique needs that may require strong metallic pallets, you might not find common residential second-hand uses of used metal pallets.


30 October 2019

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