What Should You Keep in Mind When Considering Customisable Banner Poles

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Advertising through banner poles is worth investing in because it reaches most of your potential clients. A lot of people pass by poles and you can be sure that a high percentage of them will have a look at your banner. It is also cheaper than most advertisement platforms. Here's what you need to know about customisable banner poles.

Your Design

Of course, you might have a particular design you want your banner to have. The customisable banner pole company might have some opinions about your idea, which might either be positive or negative. Be ready to welcome these opinions, because the company has been in the industry for quite some time. The company will actualise your ideas, but it might make some modifications. These modifications might mostly apply to colours and concerns about visibility and durability.


Try and get a good deal; you can get this by choosing affordable material like vinyl and having a simple but distinctive design; something eye-catching, but not too complex. Sometimes, you might require some features that might make the banner expensive, for example, a banner with lighting. This will, of course, require lighting fixtures and a way to protect them from harsh weather conditions like rain.

Having a customisable option allows you to mix up different materials to get a cheap, quality and effective banner.

Banner Durability and Security

When you are choosing banner materials, ensure that they are durable because a banner is usually exposed to harmful environmental and artificial (man-made) factors. The banner company should help you figure out banner material concerns. You might hear advice like don't choose this material because it might get damaged when it rains or choose that material because it can withstand all weather conditions and high impact forces.

Your banner should be placed in a high position to prevent vandalism, but be visible at that height. This takes skill; the image should be clear and match the message and the writing should be visible. Choose a banner company that can deliver that.

How Long Do You Want Your Banner Up?

Before getting a banner, find out how long you want it to be up for. This affects how much you pay and the number of clients you will have reached. Talk to a marketing agent to find out actual, efficient and effective statistics of how long you should have your banners up. That is, what period will you require to have your banners up to gain customers.


16 January 2020

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