Two tips for business owners who need to use the services of plastic manufacturers

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If you are in need of plastic packaging for your business' products and you will be using plastic manufacturer services to create this packaging, you might find the advice here quite interesting.

Provide the manufacturer with as much information about your products as you can

It is not enough to simply tell the plastic manufacturer that, for example, you need 50ml plastic jars for the hand creams your business sells. Instead, you must give them as much information about your products as you possibly can so that they can then produce a form of plastic packaging that is perfectly designed to showcase and protect your particular goods.

For instance, if you sell a cosmetic product that is made from natural ingredients and which has no preservatives, then you should let the manufacturer know this, as being aware of this fact about your product might influence the type of packaging that they recommend you have made. In this situation, they might suggest making plastic airless bottles with pump dispensers, rather than lidded jars, as the latter may cause the contents to spoil too quickly as a result of being exposed to air or to the bacteria on your customers' hands.

Likewise, if you explain to them that the product you're selling is a portable snack food that is made to be eaten on the go, they might recommend using a thin, lightweight plastic and designing the packaging so that it is easy for people to unwrap very quickly.

Ask for samples of plastic packaging and do some market testing

Before telling the manufacturer to make large amounts of plastic packaging for you, you should ask for samples of perhaps five to ten packaging options and test each of them out on focus groups who match your demographic. The feedback given by these people could save you (and the plastic manufacturer) a lot of time, by steering you away from packaging designs that your target demographic do not want or find useful.

This group's response to the packaging samples could also help you alter the packaging designs that your future customers would really love if they were tweaked ever so slightly. For example, the people in the focus group might tell you that they like the look and functionality of a plastic tub you have had made, but that it feels too flimsy when they hold it; in this case, you could then return to the manufacturer and ask them to use a slightly heavier plastic that will feel more robust.


17 January 2020

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