3 Top Consideration that Impact Fabricator's Choice of Welding Kit

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With the construction industry showing growth over the past few years, the demand for metal fabrication has increased in tandem. Consequently, essential services to the construction industry, such as welding, have equally increased. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting a business, then you do not have to look too far for inspiration. You do, however, have to start from somewhere, and that place is getting a TIG welding kit. What considerations should you make when buying a TIG welding kit? Read on for answers. 

Quality of Weld Appearance -- Different welding jobs vary in aesthetic requirements; therefore, fabrication companies must choose their welding kits carefully. The reason is that weld bead appearance varies from the different welding kits available. For instance, for high-quality products such as the gates or window grilles of a luxury hotel, clean joints would suffice. For such a project, TIG welding is the right choice due to the clean beads produced. However, if you were working on projects where aesthetics are not the primary requirement, then a MIG welding kit would be enough. Besides, this consideration can be a great guide on the types of projects you want your business to focus on. 

Type of Bond -- When joining two pieces of metal, the strength of the bond produced significantly determines the use of the product. For example, some products, such as utility gas pipes into homes, need very strong bonds to eliminate the risk of gas leaks and possible accidents. The right welding kit for such a product is the TIG welding kit because it makes a stronger bond in the joints. The same, however, cannot be said of water pipes where leaks are not as fatal as gas leaks; therefore, a MIG welding kit would do just fine in this case. However, that does not mean that you cannot use a TIG welding kit even on products that can perform well with welds that are not as strong. 

Size of Metal -- Different fabrication projects require different metal sizes, and this affects the type of welding kit used. The reason is that the amount of heat produced by a welding kit determines the strength of the bond. If you want to specialise in fabricating products made from thin metals, you need the least amount of heat, and TIG welding kits are the best for these projects. However, for thicker metals, MIG welding kits would be the most appropriate because you need enough heat to melt the two pieces of metal for a stronger bond.


21 January 2020

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