Three Critical Guidelines for Installing a New Garage Shed

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If you are planning on increasing your storage options on your property, you should consider installing a garage shed. This structure will not only be useful for vehicle parking. It is also versatile space which can be customised to match a range of uses, including as gardening supplies storage, as a workshop and as a general shed. However, you should keep in mind that installing the structure can be challenging. Here are simple tips to help you establish a great garden shed with ease.

Purchase or Build

You should decide between purchasing a garage shed kit or building your structure from scratch. Both methods have their merits, so your choice will depend on your goals and preferences. In general, building a custom shed is desired because you can tailor all aspects to match your needs perfectly. You will not have to make do with standard sheds. On the other hand, a factory-built shed is easy to install. These structures are also strong and reliable. If you are interested in this type of kit, you can inquire about customisation options.

Choose Materials

Material selection is an important process whether you are planning on buying a ready-made structure or intending to build one. The material is a factor which will determine the strength, durability, cost and maintenance demands of the garage shed. One of the most beneficial materials to consider using for your project is steel. This metal has numerous beneficial properties, including intrinsic strength, prolonged lifespan and low upkeep requirements.

In addition, steel is favourable because the surfaces can be painted to match your aesthetic preferences. The only drawback is the tendency to rust in adverse conditions. Wood is also a good choice, especially for small sheds. However, you must ensure the building lumber is treated to prevent rotting and pest damage. Other materials to consider include aluminium, plywood and plastics like vinyl. It is important to compare all materials before selection.

Check the Laws

It is vital to think about the legal implications of building a garage shed on your property. There are some building regulations imposed on this type of structure to promote safety and responsible development. The specific rules will depend on your locale, so you should consult the local council or a qualified contractor. The critical issues that you should address to avoid installing an illegal structure include the need for a permit, size limitations and proximity to fences and public roads.

Finally, you should decide whether you would like professional garage shed installation or DIY setup and construction.


21 January 2020

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