6 Factors That Affect Your Choice for Water Storage Tanks

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Clean water for industrial or domestic use is an essential commodity you can't live without in life. Whether it's municipal water, rainwater or underground water, you need an efficient tank to store it. However, not just any water tank can serve the purpose. Hence, it's crucial to consider various factors affecting your choice of water tank.

Here are a few critical considerations to make while shopping around for suitable water tanks to use for your commercial or residential storage purposes:


The amount of water you plan to store defines the type of tank material used. High volumes will often require durable materials for your water tank. For instance, shop-welded steel and bolted tanks can accommodate a broad range of water volumes. Plastic can be perfect for tanks intended for small residential water storage solutions. 

Size and Placement

What are your space limitations for the placement of your tank? For small spaces, consider purchasing small-sized tanks with a minimum diameter and maximum height. However, for larger storage spaces, go for full-diameter tanks with shorter heights. Both can accommodate various water volumes for your required commercial or domestic use.

Corrosion Resistance and Coating

Your storage tank's primary enemy is corrosion, which can be remedied by coating, especially in metallic tanks. Consider choosing a tech-based coating that's factory-made under environmentally controlled conditions to achieve an even coat and cure. Field-applied coatings may suffer from environmental conditions during the application process. 

The Water Tank Price

The cost of your water tank is crucial and will determine the quality of the tank you will purchase. First, the price of your water tank must never exceed your budget, and fortunately, there are numerous options to choose in the market. Do your research by comparing cost versus quality to find the most affordable supplier. Choose a water tank supplier that offers excellent quality at a budget-friendly price while still maintaining all the conditions required. 

The Water Tank Size 

A large variety of water tanks for your domestic or commercial use offer the freedom to choose. Pick one depending on the amount of space on your property that can accommodate it. But it would be unwise to go for a massive tank when you are fighting for available placement space. Therefore, it's imperative to choose one that can fit your space without compromising other features on your property. 

Availability and Durability 

Finally, consider purchasing water tanks that are durable and available on the market. Check the tank's specs to determine its durability and availability. Also check client reviews to determine whether the tank is more durable and can serve the intended purposes.


24 January 2020

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