Why Would You Consider Wire Fencing?

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Wire fencing can be used in both residential and commercial settings. You may come across woven wire fences (the most common being chain link fences), welded wire fences and barbed wire fences. Wire fencing might look weak, but it offers great security. Find out why you should consider it for your fencing needs:

Lightweight and Cheap

Fencing that is light in weight offers the benefit of ease of installation and transportation. This also means that it will be cheaper to buy, install, transport and maintain. You might also find that installing a wire fence, especially a chain link fence, might be quicker than installing other types of fences because you just need to roll and secure it on already installed posts and poles.

Deter Burglars

A wire fence allows you to see through it, meaning that a burglar would be deterred from trying to break into your home because he or she is risking being seen. Since you can't risk the chances of a determined burglar, you can reinforce the wire fence by introducing an electric current to it to make it an electric wire fence. You can also add a CCTV system; visible security cameras also deter burglars.


The good thing about wire fences is that they require little to no maintenance. All you have to do is to remove any plants/weeds that may try to climb on your fence. If left, they might become a bush and create a perfect spot for a burglar to hide, or they can affect the aesthetics of your fence.

Aesthetic Value

Wire fences tend to have great aesthetic properties, especially when used as short fences around homes located in an urban area. You can combine a welded and woven wire fence to come up with something aesthetically pleasing. If you have problems coming up with creative designs, you can always look for a fencing designer to help you choose a suitable pattern design and colour. Also, such fences usually match well with your landscape.

For commercial properties, taller wire fences are more suitable. You can still incorporate different designs and colours as long as they match your company's brand. Always seek professional help when handling the aesthetic properties of commercial fences. You don't want to go wrong and lose customers. You might notice that welded and woven fences are more preferred than barbed wire fences. Barbed wire is usually applied at the top of welded and woven fences to deter anyone from climbing over.


24 January 2020

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