5 Helpful Tips When Working on a Laser Cutting Project

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With laser cutting, you can work on any size of project with different types of materials. Laser technology can transform a 2D file into a tangible, physical product. The use of laser cutting has become a reality, thanks to the high-end, accurate laser technology that cuts almost any material with precision and speed. Whatever the task, you can find the perfect laser cutting machine for your project. To make the most out of laser cutting and get excellent parts, consider the following tips.

Select the Right Material

Material selection is of much significance when working with laser cutters. Does your project require solid, flexible or translucent material? It is crucial to check the material specifications needed for your laser cutting project. Besides, there are different colours, design guidelines and material densities available on the market. Hence, it's essential to choose the most fitting for your project. 

Keep an Eye on Spacing

When purchasing parts online, you need to be careful with the minimum spacing for optimal results. Remember, the minimum space for laser cutting between two paths must be equal to the material's thickness. For instance, if you purchase an acrylic part 3mm thick, the two paths must also be 3mm too. Hence, when you respect the spacing criteria, you'll achieve a more durable end-product. 

Prepare Your Text in Advance 

In case you want to incorporate text in your laser engraving or cutting project, you must prepare it thoroughly for proper readability. For better results, don't use small fonts or less spacing. Always add more space between characters. Tight spacing can cause overlap and render the inscription unreadable. It can be quite disappointing to make such a mistake and have to redo the project. 

Consider Minimum and Maximum Dimensions

Laser cutting is the perfect method to work on significantly large projects that you must assemble. It offers you the chance to work on more extensive projects at a lower expense compared to 3D printing. Furthermore, the scale of your project depends on the material you choose for laser cutting. For this reason, always check the appropriate design specifications of the material in question. 

Find the Right 2D Models

Anyone can create 2D models for their laser cutting project. However, to find exceptional 2D models without going through the design hustle, there are excellent marketplaces online you can turn to for help. They feature professional and custom-made laser cutting designs you can purchase at an affordable price.

To learn more, contact a laser cutting company.


21 February 2020

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