Why Use Solar-Powered Bore Pumps on Your Farm?

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If you use bore wells around your farm, then you need to find a way to pump water out to meet your needs. For example, you might use these wells to irrigate land or to water your livestock.

Depending on the location of your pumps, it can be hard to find a suitable power source. In some cases, it helps to set up a solar array and then to run a bore pump off the power the array generates. What are the benefits of solar bore pumps?

Get Power in Any Location

Traditional power sources won't always work on farm bore pumps. For example, it can be hard to connect a pump to mains electricity in the middle of nowhere. A stand-alone generator will only work for as long as its fuel lasts.

If you use solar bore pumps, then you don't need to worry about location. The pump's solar panels turn sunlight into energy that powers the pump automatically. All you have to worry about is diverting the water where you need it to go or storing it.

Reduce Your Energy Usage and Costs

If you do connect a bore pump to your electricity supply or to a generator, then you have to pay its running costs. These can be high, especially in summer months when you need to pump out more water for your livestock or fields.

Once you've paid for a solar bore pump set-up, you don't have any running costs. The unit creates its own power from a natural and renewable source that doesn't cost you any money. Plus, a sun-powered pump is an ideal solution in hotter months. The panels generate more than enough power to keep the pump running no matter how much you need to use it.

Get a Low-Maintenance Solution

Bore pumps that run on traditional power sources need work. You may have to deal with interruptions or problems with your electricity supply. Stand-alone generators need to be checked and topped up regularly to make sure they have enough fuel to run.

You may have to incorporate regular pump checks into your daily routine to look out for problems that affect your water supply. Solar-powered bore pumps typically look after themselves. As long as they get enough sunlight, they generate power. You'll have fewer maintenance issues and more time to get on with other jobs.

If you think that solar-powered pumps are the way forward for your farm, ask your bore pumps supplier for advice.


24 February 2020

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