3 Things to Look for in a Gas Boat Barbecue

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Adding a barbecue to your boat enhances your time on the water. You can cook hot meals for you and your family; you can even grill up your catch if you're on a fishing trip.

While you can take a portable barbecue on board with you, you can also fix one to your boat permanently and run it from gas cylinders. For example, you can build a system in an alcove, drop one in a bench or attach it to your deck, a rail or a duckboard.

It's important to choose a suitable product for use on a boat. To make sure you get a barbie that can cope with this environment, look for the following features.

1. Marine-Grade Steel

Regular barbeques won't last for long in a marine environment. Salt water can corrode them quickly. Even fresh water poses problems.

Your best bet is to go for a product that is made from a material that is suitable for an outdoor water-based environment. For example, marine-grade stainless steel barbies are a lot tougher around water, salt in the air and spray. Their surfaces won't corrode even if your barbie is out in the open.

2. Gas Protection

If you're on the water and it is windy, then running a gas barbecue can be tricky. The wind may blow your burners out especially if your barbie is out on the open rather than in a sheltered spot.

If you think that this might be a problem, then look for barbecues with burner protection. For example, a hood with sides will help. The sides will deflect some of the wind away from the cooking area.

You can also buy boat barbecues with specially-designed air circulation systems. For example, a barbecue with a smaller louvre venting system allows air to circulate where it should go but prevents wind from blowing through the vents on to the burners. This reduces the likelihood of burners going out if it is gusty.

3. A Suitable Cover

While you can use any cover on a boat barbecue, it's better to go for one that is designed to work in a marine environment. Standard covers may be too flimsy to stay in place. They are also more likely to get damaged by sun, wind and water.

Marine-grade materials, like reinforced nylons, are a good option here. These covers are usually fully waterproof and have UV protection. They'll last longer on your boat.

To learn more about fixing a barbecue on your boat, talk to stainless steel outdoor barbecue suppliers about their marine products.


25 February 2020

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