Reduce Sandblasting Risks Using These Safety Measures

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Sandblasting is a process that involves blasting high-pressure sand onto a surface. Sandblasting is mainly used for cleaning industrial machinery. You can also use sandblasting to prepare a surface for painting. Many companies overlook the need to devise safety plans during sandblasting because it is a small part of a larger project. That leaves workers without the necessary protection when sandblasting. Therefore, take the time to understand sandblasting safety practices. 

What safety measures should you follow during the sandblasting process? 

Put On The Proper Breathing Apparatus

The process of sandblasting involves many toxic elements. One element that can affect the air quality is the dust produced from the process. Also, there is a risk of breathing contaminated air depending on the blasting media used and the coatings on the surface. That is why you need to put on masks when sandblasting. Ensure the breathing gear can filter out the dust particles and other chemical contaminants in the air. Avoid taking off the mask until you are a safe distance from the work area. That will reduce the chances of inhaling any pollutants. The air particles from the sandblasting process tend to suspend in the air for a while.

Find An Area With Proper Ventilation

Sandblasting is a procedure that needs proper ventilation. Otherwise, it can lead to serious safety issues. When sandblasting, dust clouds can form in the air. If you continue with the process, the working area becomes obscured. Thus, it is critical to take breaks to allow the dust to clear. Also, ensure there are efficient ventilation systems in your sandblasting area. Proper ventilation reduces the risk of dust accumulation in the air and helps improve visibility. Well-designed ventilation units will also help decrease the number of air contaminants. Ensure you set up the ventilation device in a way that allows you to empty it safely. 

Allow Only Trained Workers To Operate The Sandblaster

Any contractor operating the sandblasting equipment should have proper training. That involves understanding the manufacturer's instructions on operating the sandblaster. The worker should also know the best ways to keep safe when working around sandblasting devices. Any other contractor working around the machine should understand how to stay safe. Keep all safety materials needed readily available to the workers. That will help reduce the risk of any injuries during the process.


Sandblasting is an important process for many companies. However, the machines and materials used in the process can pose various risks. That is why it is essential to follow the right safety measures all the time.


15 June 2020

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