5 Tips to Clean and Maintain Your Restaurant Sneeze Guards

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In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, sneeze guards have become vital additions in offices and public places. They are essential barriers that help protect food from contamination in restaurants, bars or cafes. As a restaurant manager, there are many factors to consider when installing screen guards. 

Ensuring your surfaces remain clean is not difficult when following routine clean-up schedules. The following are vital tips to clean and maintain your sneeze guards.

1. Use a Soft, Clean Cloth 

When cleaning your sneeze guards, always remember to use a soft, clean cloth. If you lack food-safe cleaners, consider using mild soap and water when cleaning the shields. Additionally, avoid abrasive substances that can leave permanent scratches on the glass surfaces. 

2. Assess the Sneeze Guard's Screws 

Check your sneeze guard's screws and determine if there are any loose parts. Loosely attached elements can end up in the food and spoil your restaurant's reputation. Some customers may end up suing you for incompetence and negligence as well. Therefore, it's crucial to replace any rusted parts to prevent food contamination. 

3. Check the Acrylic Glass for Cracks 

Simple cracks on the acrylic sneeze shields can develop into bigger ones. That, in turn, can compromise the safety of the food you serve your customers. Therefore, it's essential to assess them and fix them immediately to prevent any future problems. 

4. Only Use Recommended Chemicals 

Not all cleaning products must be used on sneeze guards. Some contain harmful chemicals such as ammonia, which can cloud the surface and compromise food safety. Moreover, avoid chemical agents that contain compounds, such as acetone, tetrachloride and benzene. Such chemicals can cause stress and fractures on the glass surface. Work with a certified professional who can advise you on the right cleaning tools to use. 

5. Replacing Your Sneeze Guards

While sneeze shields are built to last, there is nothing that can last forever. Visible wear and tear are clear signs that you must replace your sneeze guards with new and sophisticated units. Today, there are modern technologies that have introduced high-quality products of the market. It'll be wise to monitor these acrylic surfaces for scratches, peeling, or cracks as well. Most sneeze shields can last up to ten years before you begin noticing these signs. 

However, other reasons can prompt you to look for new sneeze guard replacements before the ten years are up. For instance, if your restaurant's catering service is upgrading to self-service, or adding the latest menus to the buffet setup, then it's time to acquire advanced sneeze shields. 


29 June 2020

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