Why Outsource Product Finishing to a Powder Coating Specialist?

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If you are in the habit of painting or lacquering your products before they go out for delivery to your customers, then you may also be used to significant delays during the curing process. This is commonplace when you are applying such finishes by hand and want to avoid unnecessary imperfections, such as streaks or dripping. On the other hand, turning to a powder coating company to cover your components or even finished products for you will mean a speedier process with less curing time and greater evenness. For this reason alone, many manufacturing and fabrication businesses choose to outsource to powder coating specialists. Why else is this a good idea?

Coat all materials

Not all paint finishes are suited to metals and plastics, wood and MDF. However, with a good powder coating company taking care of your finishes for you, it becomes possible to coat the lot. Metal colouring is particularly challenging for hand applications and you may need several coats before a consistent finish is achieved. With the charged resin particles that are supplied by a metal powder coating company, on the other hand, one coat will be enough before the rapid curing process can begin. This is the case with metal is it is with virtually any other common manufacturing material you could name.

Any colour requirement can be met

Outsourcing to powder coating company means being able to create batches of products in any colour you like. This is ideal for firms which want to provide their customers with greater choice over their preferred finish. With powder coating, very little time is needed to switch between colours for different orders. That's a big advantage over brushing paint onto your products and leaving them to dry which involves cleaning and drying before it can begin again.

A VOC-free coating

Powder coating contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are often found in paints. This means that the whole process of finishing is more environmentally friendly, less damaging to the lungs of people working on the process and better for end-users, too. Many consumers want to know about VOC content these days, so if you outsource to a metal powder coating company, then you will be able to sell your products safe in the knowledge that no VOCs will have been used.

Greater durability

Another big plus point of powder coating is that it makes products scratch resistant and more durable. Once the coating is fully cured, it will also help to prevent damage from bumps and scrapes for many years after it has been installed.


6 August 2020

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