Why Trench Rammers Should Be Your First Choice When It Comes To Compacting

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Compacting is a necessary process in almost every construction site, from humble driveways to great skyscrapers and everything in between. Whether you are doing a large project or a small project, it is important to get the right tool, which is where a trench rammer comes in. While there are many competitors to a trench rammer, none of them can hold up to the overall quality and advantages provided by a trench rammer. If you are deciding between a few devices to purchase or rent, here are a few of the reasons that you should choose a trench rammer.

Cohesive Soil

Most worksites you come across will be dealing with cohesive soil, which is what the trench rammer most exceeds in. It works faster and does not require as many different retreading of the same place as other equipment. That is because its thicker and more concentrated plate makes deep compactions all the way down through the soil, ensuring it will not budge in the future. If you mostly are working on traditional housing projects, then a trench rammer should be your first choice. If you are working on larger projects that have a lot of sand, you can still use a trench rammer, it will just take more time.

Fit Into Smaller Spaces

Most compacting tools you will find will be able to compact larger areas even if they are built for small ones because all you need is to spend a bit more time to achieve the same result. However, not every compacting tool can fit into the smaller nooks and crannies that they are needed in. If you are doing repair work on existing structures, then a trench rammer is your best bet to be able to squeeze into any sized hole. Other, more industrial, rammers traditionally only work on much larger areas and cannot be downsized.

Easier To Learn

It is all well and good to have the tools you need for a job, but if you can't use them properly, then they become a bit useless in hand. A trench rammer is much easier to move around as well as get the hang of than some of the more technical machines you will come across. This makes it perfect for beginners all the way up to experts who have been doing construction for decades. If you want a smooth finish, you need to know how to use the machine you're operating, and the best way to do that is with a trench rammer. 


14 September 2020

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