Have you thought about fitting a hydronic heating system?

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If you are thinking of installing a new heating system in your home then you should think about whether hydronic heating is right for your home. Hydronic heating works by circulating fluid, such as a glycol mix or water, around a closed system of hydronic piping. It is this transfer of liquid rather than the air used in a ducted system that provides many of the advantages of a hydronic system over a ducted system.

Here are four reasons that a hydronic heating system could be a better fit than a ducted heating system in your building.

1. Hydronic systems are simple

The hydronic system just heats the water using a gas boiler and uses sealed hydronic piping to transfer the hot water to the radiators in your property. Along the way, the hydronic piping can be put to a range of other uses including heating floor slabs, towel rails and a swimming pool if you have one.

2. Hydronic systems use less space

One of the problems often encountered with ducted systems is the amount of space they take up in your property. By contrast, a hydronic heating system will use far less space but still move more heat energy than a ducted system could. Once the water is heated it is moved throughout the home and after use, it returns to the system to be reused once again.

3. Hydronic systems spread heat evenly

There are some homes that you visit and you can't help noticing that some areas of a room can be much warmer than other areas. That isn't a problem that you should have with a hydronic system. The panel radiators fed by the hydronic piping are designed to act like heat emitters and to spread out radiant heat evenly throughout ever room while still allowing you to set the desired temperature for every room so that each member of the family can enjoy their own preferred heat level.

4. Hydronic systems are better for allergies

If you suffer from allergies you will know that dust particles can be a major problem. Airborne dust particles forced out by central heating systems can often cause misery for sufferers but hydronic systems rely on sealed hydronic piping for their warmth and so no airborne particles are involved.

To learn more about the advantages of fitting hydronic piping in your home, talk to your nearest hydronic piping manufacturer and supplier today.


9 October 2020

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