Three Principal Guidelines for Ideal Perforated Metal Selection

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If you are interested in acquiring perforated metal, you should compare the options available and choose the best for your needs. In simple terms, this type of sheet metal can be found in a wide range of designs, and your choice will determine the function and aesthetics. If your selected perforated sheets are not ideal for your use, they will not perform as expected and might fail prematurely. Here are simple tips to help you acquire great perforated metal sheets.

Consider Metal Properties

It is important to acquire the right material to match the conditions of the application. If the sheet metal used to create the perforated product is not reliable, the risk of premature deterioration will be high. In general, you should consider the best type of metal for your needs. Aluminum and steel are often favoured because of their durability, flexibility, and value. You should also look into the thickness of the sheets. Thicker sheets are more durable, but they are harder to perforate.

Corrosion is a common concern when acquiring materials for creating reliable perforated sheets. This aspect is of particular importance if the products will be installed in environments which could promote corrosion. For instance, metal sheets will experience wear in humid conditions such as marine areas. If this is the case, you must opt for resistant materials. Other important considerations for material selection include finishing, material sizing, and machinability.

Choose Holes Sizing

Perforated sheets can have diverse hole sizes, depending on the intended application. The sizing of the holes will determine the suitability of the finished product. Under ideal circumstances, you should consult your fabricator on the standard hole sizes created. Standard options might result in lower costs. You should also inquire about the maximum and minimum holes possible if you would like custom sizing. This is crucial because the industrial equipment available might not be able to perforate completely unique holes.

Think about Appeal

The appeal of perforated sheets is crucial for the installation of the unit for most applications. For instance, if you are looking to install the product as an architectural feature, the appearance will be an important aspect to consider. There are two primary factors which will affect the beauty of sheet material: hole shape and pattern. The most common shape chosen is round, but you can opt for triangle, square, diamond, and other designs. The pattern refers to the general arrangement of the holes. If the perforations are organised in a specific configuration, the overall aesthetic value will be exceptional.


29 October 2020

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