Are you thinking about fitting a new industrial boiler?

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Every industry relies on heavy machinery to carry out a multitude of daily tasks. On many of these industrial sites, the machinery is powered by high-pressure steam and that requires the installation of a steam boiler. If you want to replace an existing boiler or fit out an entirely new site, then you will need to investigate the available industrial steam boilers and work out which one would be the most suitable for you. Factors which should guide your decision include the pressure at which the steam will be needed and the type of fuel that you want to use for the boiler.

Is high-pressure steam essential?

Creating steam is an important first step, but you must then use that steam for something and not all steam applications will require steam to be at the same pressure. Work out what steam pressure you need and then you will have a much clearer idea of the type of industrial steam boilers you should be considering. A firetube boiler is easy to operate and cheaper to purchase but firetube boilers can generally only produce steam at fairly low pressure. If you need to generate high-pressure steam, then a watertube boiler is a better solution; these boilers will also normally be more thermally efficient to use, saving you money over time when compared with firetube industrial steam boilers.   

What fuel source is best?

Industrial steam boilers generate steam by heating water by burning fuel. The material or substance that is consumed as fuel will vary depending on the type of boiler that you install. Traditionally, coal has been used for fuel, but there are plenty of other fuel options as well. As coal supplies start to dwindle, you could find that purchasing your fuel starts to become increasingly expensive, causing you to consider other options. You might prefer to fit an oil fuelled boiler, a wood-burning boiler, or even one that can use biomass instead. Your choice will be affected by the types of fuel that you can reasonably expect to be plentiful in your area in future years at a reasonable cost. You should also bear in mind how the fuel will be stored on your site prior to use. You will obviously want a storage area capable of supplying your boilers for a while so think about the physical size of the fuel and where you will put it when you make your decision. 

Keep these things in mind as you look for an industrial steam boiler.


11 December 2020

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