9 Reasons to Choose Perspex Shelving Over Other Shelving Materials

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Perspex, or acrylic, is a highly versatile material when used throughout a home environment. This is partly because Perspex is both light and durable at the same time. And other materials, like glass or wood, simply can't compete in this regard. If you are revamping your home and looking for some shelving that is easy to install, attractive and durable, then consider using Perspex.

Perspex's unique attributes mean that you can use it for just about any home project. And in regards to shelving, whether in the kitchen or in the toolshed, Perspex has many interesting advantages.

1. Visibility

Like glass, Perspex is transparent. This means that whatever you place on your shelves will be visible for any angle. This is especially true if you opt for clear Perspex. If you want to show off your ornaments, collectibles and plants then, the visibility of Perspex makes it a great shelving material.

2. Transparency

Transparency is also useful in small spaces, such as small bathrooms and bedrooms. This is because the clear nature of Perspex will give the illusion of space. For instance, wooden shelves block your view and cast shadows, but Perspex shelves have neither of these issues. Yes, Perspex and in fact any transparent material will cast shadows, but on a smaller scale than solid objects like wood.

3. Versatility

Perspex is easy to work with because it is light and easy to cut. Another clear material, glass, is heavy, sharp and more difficult to cut. Whatever style or shape you have in mind for your shelves, you'll be able to achieve that with Perspex.

4. Durability

In terms of impacts, Perspex can take 17 times more punishment than glass before breaking. This is useful if you plan to place solid objects like ornaments and glassware on your shelves.

5. Weight (Lack of)

Wooden and glass shelves can be difficult to work with because of their weight. This increases the risk of accidents and mishaps. Perspex is strong but light. This means you can easily install Perspex shelving throughout your home without injuring yourself in the process.

6. Light-Refracting Ability

Although glass has this ability too, glass isn't as easy to work with. Because Perspex refracts light so well, you can combine lighting with your shelves for a more modern look. And if you want to highlight certain objects or achieve a certain mood, strips of lighting will work well with Perspex shelving.

7. Colour Availability

Perspex comes in a range of colours. This gives you the ability to choose colours that match your home's interior décor. And if you are adding shelves to your child's room, coloured Perspex shelves will be cheerful and bright, as well as safe.  

8. Weather Resistance

Perspex is also highly resistant to UV light and weather in general. This is why artists often use Perspex to create outdoor works of art and why Perspex is used for plane windows. If you want some clear, durable and weather-resistant shelves for your toolshed or garage, then Perspex is the ideal material for you.

9. Safety

Safety is one of the priorities when choosing a shelving material. While glass has some of the properties of Perspex, Perspex is safer because of its impact resistance. And when compared to wood, if a wooden shelf fails, its weight could endanger anyone nearby. But because Perspex is a light material, even if a shelf fails, it won't break nor cause injury to someone sitting nearby.

Perspex shelving is attractive, durable and safe wherever you use it. To learn more about this material, get in touch with a Perspex sheet supplier near you. With their help, you can come up with some unique and interesting custom shelving designs for your home.


27 January 2021

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