4 Tips for Acquiring the Right Refrigeration Equipment for a Commercial Kitchen

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Finding the right refrigeration equipment is key to providing quality and safe food in your restaurant. The right equipment ensures perishable food is preserved under the right temperatures to prevent bacteria growth, which can change the appearance, taste and quality of food. Since commercial refrigerators are a great investment in every business, it's important to consider the following tips before making a purchase.

Choose the right refrigeration capacity

The first step to buying the right refrigeration equipment is determining the required capacity. How much food do you need to store at a time? Do you intend to expand the restaurant soon? How will you cope with the extra demand? Choose refrigeration equipment that will meet your current and future demand.  

Buying small equipment will affect your output and profitability because you won't be able to store enough food to meet your demand. On the other hand, buying a big refrigerator will lead to higher running costs and inefficiencies. Thus, create a balance by choosing the right capacity.

Consider equipment design

There are various designs for commercial refrigeration equipment. You can opt for stand-alone refrigerators or walk-in freezer rooms. For standalone equipment, you have the choice of going for inbuilt or separate freezers. Before choosing the best design, consider important factors such as your kitchen needs and the available space. If you run a large eatery or store lots of perishable foods, a walk-in freezer would be an excellent choice.

Small commercial kitchens can get away with standard standalone refrigerators and freezers. As you choose the right equipment, think about its organisation as well. Does it have enough cabinet and shelving for your needs? With walk-in freezers, you can customise the equipment to suit your organisation needs.

Assess insulation and efficiency

Before investing in walk-in cool rooms, it's essential to assess the insulation and energy-efficiency of the equipment. Heat loss through the walls, floors and ceiling can translate into significant annual energy losses. Invest in equipment with quality insulation materials such as polyurethane foam. Besides reducing heat exchange, quality insulation also allows the equipment to keep food cold while using less energy. If you're going for standalone refrigerators and freezers, choose ones with a high energy efficiency rating.

Look for extra features

There are a few extra features that can improve the functionality of your commercial refrigeration equipment. An essential feature is automatic defrost, which prevents ice buildup, saves energy and extends the lifespan of the fridge. Get equipment with self-closing doors to reduce energy loss. Finally, if you store valuable food items, invest in equipment with lockable doors. 

Consider the above tips when buying commercial kitchen equipment.


5 March 2021

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