A Guide On Concrete Vibrators

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If you have a construction project that involves concrete pouring, you might be worried about air pockets that could cause cracks once the concrete dries up. You do not need to worry. A concrete vibrator is a device used to eliminate air pockets in wet concrete. If you have not previously used a concrete vibrator, this guide details a few things you should know about them. 

Types of Concrete Vibrators

Depending on your project, there is a likelihood that you will use one of these vibrators. 

Internal concrete vibrators consist of a motor attached to a hose. Once the hose is inserted into the wet concrete, it floats the air particles in the mix. The secret to using this equipment is ensuring that you do not withdraw the hose faster than the rate at which air can move up the mix.

External concrete vibrators are pinned to the concrete's formwork. These vibrators are ideal when you cannot use an internal vibrator. For example, it could be challenging to use an internal vibrator when building precast concrete blocks.

Surface vibrators will screed and vibrate the concrete at the same time. Although they are highly efficient and easy to use, they can only be used on shallow slabs with low water to cement ratio. 

Choosing A Concrete Vibrator

Consider the following when choosing a concerted vibrator: 

  • The manufacturer. Examine the performance of the various models by interviewing contractors and builders. The rule is that you should purchase a durable model that does not develop chronic problems along the way.
  • The power source. Electric vibrators are environmentally friendly and silent. However, there is a risk of dragging an electric cable on wet concrete. Gas-powered vibrators are highly portable and perfect in sites without a power source.
  • The RPM. A vibrator with a high RPM will eliminate the air pockets quickly.

If you want an internal vibrator, check the length of the hose to determine how deep you can insert the vibrator. 

Renting Versus Buying A Concrete Vibrator

You might be conflicted over whether to buy or rent the concrete vibrator. Renting is perfect for contractors who have long-term projects. Although you will incur a high initial cost, you will make long-term savings. Besides, you can sell the equipment once you finish the project. Hiring a vibrator is ideal when you need the vibrator for a short period. Most rental companies will send a professional to operate the equipment and conduct regular maintenance. Therefore, you do not bear any liabilities. 


8 December 2021

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